Net Attitude from Three Authorities: We Must Force Jerusalem Trust
21 Aralık 2017 22:25

The ''Jerusalem in its 100th year" exhibition, panel and memorial activities organized by the Turkish Historical Society and the TİKA and hosted by Gazi University were held in Mimar Kemaleddin Hall on December 11, 2017.



The President of Turkish History Institution Prof. Dr. Refik Turan, the President of Atatürk Higher Language and History Institute Prof. Dr. Derya Örs, Rector of Gazi University Prof. Dr. İbrahim Uslan, Auditor-General Chairman Seyit Ahmet Baş, General Director of State Archives Prof. Dr. Uğur Ünal and many guests and students attended the event. Before the opening speeches of the panel, Jerusalem's history and daily life was presented. Carnations were distributed to the panelists and a book titled "Jerusalem: The Memory of Our Heroic Martyrs" was given as a gift by the Turkish Historical Society.



Turan: Jerusalem is our trust

Prof. Dr. Refik Turan who made the first opening speech, emphasized that Jerusalem is a different meaning for Muslims than other cities.  He said: "Jerusalem is a city of great importance both in terms of historical reality and spirituality. Since the US President Trump has declared Jerusalem as Israel's capital, the discussions continue to be warm. Jerusalem is not a city to be fooled by saying, 'But I did it,'."



Turan said: " In order to emphasize what Jerusalem means, we need to understand the importance of the place of this city in the Turkish and Muslim history". Turan added: "It is time that the Ottomans conquered Syria and Jerusalem when it was the world empire. It is interesting to note that the collapse of the Ottoman Empire also coincided with the loss of Jerusalem and Syria. After recent developments, history also sends important warnings to Turkish Republic and Turkish nation. Jerusalem is of course the center of three religions. However, Jerusalem is entrusted to us by Melikshah, Selahaddin Eyyubi and Yavuz Sultan Selim. However, that escrow is in question and in danger today. We hope that Jerusalem will rejoin the real owners of the custody ".

Örs: Union Time for Islamic Geography

Professor Dr. Derya Örs emphasized that the Muslim world is in a great fragmentation today and said; "There are various initiatives to bring this belief world together, especially the Republic of Turkey, to follow the material and moral of common interests. Our country has assumed the presidency of the Islamic Cooperation Organization".



Örs points out that the Turkish nation has been serving Islam for centuries and lots of martyrs were given in many different geographical regions of the world for many years. He said: "Today, our country is taking initiatives in various ways to protect the glory of Islam and to dismember the Muslims. There are so sad scenes in the Islamic world. The attitudes of some countries are disturbing. Unfortunately, we follow some countries' demeaning attitudes towards this sadness".

Örs criticized the countries that were silent or unresponsive to decision about Jerusalem and said, "The Republic of Turkey criticizes this illegitimate and unjust decision taken by the USA. This presents a great danger to humanity and peace as Jerusalem is one of the key cities of world peace and the capital of three sacred religions. History will not forgive a few Arab countries that stand on the edge of the shore and do nothing for Jerusalem. We are watching with surprise and amazement that those who do not spend a dirhem money on the woes of the Muslims but give 450 million dollars for a Christian painter's table".

Örs concluded his words as follows: "If we do not use the wisdom that Allah has given us, we are doomed to lose in the face of this blasphemous nation. So it is up to us to take care of the city of Jerusalem. We must back up Jerusalem, which is mentioned in the Qur'an and is expressed as sacred. All Muslim societies must make an effort to protect the glory of Islam. Otherwise, we will be able to give some strengths to the ones who think  they are the master of the world. "

Rector Uslan: Our Jerusalem  Events Will Continue

Rector Uslan said, "It is our honor to host this program that Jerusalem will be discussed with the past and today, organized for the 100th anniversary of the occupation of Jerusalem in the First World War. We are pleased to organize this event for the memory of our ancestors, who clashed to avoid the fall of Jerusalem on the Palestinian front".



"The Gazi University has always been a pioneer when the subject is atrocities in the Turkish and Islamic geography." Rector Uslan continued his words as follows: " When the subject is Hodja massacre, Cyprus, Uyghur, Alaq Turks, Bosnian, Mynmar and Arakan Muslims, our university has played an important role in scientific meetings and events. "

Rector Uslan stated that the activities about Jerusalem will continue and he said; "With the collaboration of El-Jerusalem and Gazi University and Turkish Studies Magazine, we will be in Jerusalem on March 23-25, 2017 with many scientists for the II. International Congress of Social Sciences. "

Our Rector emphasized that USA's decision to take the Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem will lead grave consequences. He said: "The decision taken by the United States is far from being a contribution to the establishment of peace in the geographical region of the Middle East, where conflicts are unfavorable, but on the contrary, the conflicts are even more fueling. With this decision, the fact that the region was dragged into chaos was also ignored. Moreover, it is also very meaningful that such a decision is taken during the 100th anniversary of Jerusalem's occupation by the summit forces during the First World War . "

Lastly, Rector Uslan argued that in order to make peace and justice prevail in the region, this decision on Jerusalem's status should be urgently taken into consideration. He said: "Like our country and our nationality, and the World that find it unacceptable, we are, as a Gazi University, against this decision".




Exhibition for  the Martyrs of Jerusalem in the  100th Anniversary

After the speeches, a plaque was given to the institutions that contributed to the panel first. Later, Modern and Classical Arab-Palestinian music was performed. Also, in the scope of the event, the Exhibition for the Martyrs of Jerusalem was opened in the 100th anniversary. The exhibition prepared by the help of General Staff Military History and Strategic Survey Department, the Ministry of National Defense and the General Directorate of State Archives, together with the documents and photographs in the archives of the Turkish Historical Society was opened at the Gazi University Painting and Sculpture Museum.