On the 2nd anniversary of the 15 July coup attempt, which internal and external outcrops have planned and implemented that targeted the future of our State, I congratulate our nationality, whose courage and effort against the coup attempt was amazing and I commemorate our heroes who sacrified their lives for the sake of homeland and nation without doubt, and I give my thanks to our veterans.

We are aware of our responsibility as a university so as not to allow similar coup attempts; we aim to cultivate generations that can blend intellect, knowledge and common sense with their values and prioritize the interests of the people and the country, and we want to pay our debt to our people and our country by working harder.

I hereby congratulate the July 15 Democracy and the National Unity Day and wish this day will contribute to spread peace in my country, geography and world; and I wish that our people will be awake towards the tricks of our enemies and dark forces.


Prof. Dr. İbrahim USLAN